What is Graphology?

Graphology is the “study of handwriting” which is, in practice, the mirror of the soul.

The handwriting, its letters and marks, hide the deepest secrets of the soul of each of us. A professional and accurate diagnosis of the handwriting reveals the traits of the writer’s personality, its skills, abilities and characteristics.

The handwriting tells about inhibitions and blockages that have been created in the subconscious for years, which the writer is sometimes unaware of.

In the secrets of the handwriting it is possible to diagnose hindrances and concerns that have been stuck in the human psyche since early childhood, the way the person treats society and the interaction with its parents. It has created emotional and mental states originated in childhood, radiating on mental and physical pains, and sometimes expressing themselves in psychosomatic and chronic diseases, or any disorder such as eating disorders, paranoia, anxieties, etc.

The Graphology Institute and College – Elon Ben Yosef, was established by the estimated graphologist Elon Ben Yosef, who amazes and astounds his clients with accurate diagnosis and analysis, and provides multiple practical tips to improve the quality of life.

Among the services provided by the Graphology Institute and College You may find:

Diagnoses, Consultation and Guidance

Courses, Workshops and Trainings

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So, how did it all start?

As a schoolboy I used to speculate on the characters of teachers while they were writing on the blackboard. The letters and marks they were writing gave me a glimpse into the depths of their personalities and mindset. However, I perceived all the information revealed to me as a game and nothing more, until a day came when one of the girls in class was called to write on the blackboard and I diagnosed her with a serious illness. As I was a child, I verbalized what I had seen and caused quite a stir.

Regrettably, I was right. That girl was actually ill and passed away prematurely.

Naturally, since then both teachers and friends consulted with me. Yet, I did not consider it a profession, at least as long as I had not thoroughly studied the wonders of graphology.

As a teenager, I felt it was a vocation to be engaged in assisting young people. The more I studies and delved deeper, I realized my true mission was to help others get out of crises, overcome obstacles, find their place and vocation, improve the quality of their lives, and guide them in finding their purpose in terms of profession, couple relationship and health, essence and happiness.

Since then I have been engaged daily in the task set for myself and I watch, with pride and satisfaction, the hundreds of thousands of people I’ve met on my professional way and managed, even slightly, to assist. Among them are artists, politicians, business people, kings, presidents, key-figures in public activity, both in Israel and worldwide.