Courses, Workshops and Trainings

Graphology Fundamentals course

An interactive, fascinating and unique 10-session course, 2 academic units, teaching the basics of graphology; the course provides its graduates with basic practical tools for applied graphology, allowing them to diagnose themselves or other people on a daily basis.

Participants will acquire, among other things, tools for diagnosing partners, mates, children, employees, and others, for:

  • Characteristic features of the writer including integrity, loyalty, reliability, etc.
  • Prominent skills of the writer and which of then can be reinforced and improved
  • Health conditions, including mental crises and stressful situations

The courses take place at the Institute of Graphology under the guidance of Elon Ben Yosef.

The courses are taught in groups and include practical analysis of the participants’ handwriting and additional handwritten pieces.

Course opening date: October 2021

Advanced Graphology course

This course of two weeks, 25 sessions, 2 academic units, provides extensive knowledge and useful tools. It is intended for in-depth students who are interested thorough study of graphology while acquiring additional tools, including:

  • Advanced graphology, diagnosis and deep analysis of handwritings and signatures
  • Intuition: developing the personal intuitive tool and integrating graphology with intuition
  • Drawings: basic tools for analyzing drawings, scribbles and sketches of children and adults as aiding tools
  • Professional opinions: acquiring professional skills in writing graphological opinions to employers
  • Grapho-therapy: how problems apparent from the handwriting can be handled by changing the handwriting
  • Forensic graphology: the role and function of graphology in court testimonies, including the ability to detect forgeries
  • Physical and mental health: diagnosis of illnesses, mental distress, learning disabilities and emotional and personal disorders

Course opening date: October 2021

Drawing Analysis course

Just as handwriting is the mirror of the soul, so it drawing. It doesn’t mean professional drawings or highly-invested drawings. In other words, just as letters and signs pave the way to the depths of the soul – so is every drawing, scribble or sketch, whether made by an adult or a child.

The Drawing Analysis course teaches its students to diagnose personalities, skills, distresses and hopes. This course is an excellent practical tool for parents, employers, spouses, etc. to be used daily. The course includes, among other things:

  • The meaning of using colors in the drawing
  • Detection of distress signs
  • Diagnosis of parent-child relationships
  • Problematic mental states
  • Disabilities and disorders
  • The meaning of key elements (house, view, people, etc.)

Course opening date: October 2021

Intuition course

A unique and fascinating 10-session course granting 2 academic units, under the guidance of Elon Ben Yosef, providing its graduates with the ability to make significant use of intuition.

Each of us has been endowed with intuition. For some of us it is a developed channel we use on a daily basis. Others are amazed once in a while by unexplained events. Others yet operate only logically without mixing it with what is called “gut feeling”.

The Intuition course is intended for intuitive people, or those who are interested in acquiring a practical toolkit to improve intuitive abilities, learn how to use them wisely in everyday life and in all arenas of life.

Developed intuition is an integral part of a high level of emotional intelligence, which is the most important tool for proper functioning in a dynamic and changing world.

The course provides its graduates, among other things, with the ability to listen to:

  • The tuned inner self
  • Feelings and messages conveyed from the awareness

It also includes:

  • Developing creative thinking by guided imagery and acquiring tools for stimulating the imagination
  • Deciphering messages conveyed by dreams
  • Deciphering messages from the universe
  • Fate or subconscious? Who really runs our lives?
  • How can we distinguish between intuition and anxiety?

The course takes place at the Graphology College – Elon Ben Yosef


*Only reliable and serious single persons who are looking for spousal relations and true love are accepted to the database. With the help of graphology, the candidates are tested by a series of parameters that include elements of personality, abilities and skills, physical and mental health condition.

Course opening date: October 2021