Diagnosis, Consultation and Guidance

Diagnosis, consultation and guidance to private clients

  • A 60-minute one-on-one physical or virtual session between Elon and the client for an in-depth analysis of the handwriting; it will provide you with a comprehensive opinion that includes, among other things, a through personality analysis of characteristics, skills, abilities, and guidance to suitable professional channels
  • Analysis of social skills and advice how to improve the ability to interact with people, partners, family members, etc.
  • Decoding obstructions and blockages, conscious or unconscious, and practical advice how to remove them
  • Analysis of traumatic events and therapeutic counselling
  • Diagnosis of health condition
  • Practical tips for improving the quality of life, health, relationships and livelihood

Diagnosis, consultation and guidance to worried parents by deciphering children's drawings

  • A 60-minute physical or virtual session with Elon for deciphering you child’s drawing for a comprehensive opinion including, among other things, decoding stress situations in children and advising how to handle them
  • Analysis of the child’s skills and abilities, for the purpose of nurturing unique talents and handling difficulties
  • Analyzing the child-parents relationship and providing practical advice to empower and strengthen the connection
  • Health diagnosis including physical and mental difficulties

Diagnosis, consultation and guidance to businesspersons

  • A single session or a package of physical or virtual sessions with Elon Ben Yosef to assist, among other things, in the process of making wise business decisions
  • Diagnosis of barriers and blockages that hinder business process, and a taste practical tips how to remove them
  • Deciphering the strategy of the other party to a transaction, and advice how to handle it and other partners in the process
  • Personality analysis of potential partners and the extent of their suitability

Diagnosis, consultation and guidance to people who find it difficult to find a spouse

  • A 60-minute physical or virtual session with Elon in order to identify, among other things, the sources of difficulty and obstacles in creating spousal relationship, including advice how to remove them
  • Analysis of recurring and repetitive patterns of actions, which damage the ability to find true love

Elon will also:

  • Indicate past deficiencies and experiences resulting in currently being “stuck” or “incomplete”, and provide practical advice how to overcome them
  • Provide analysis of the ideal spouse’s lines of character
  • Assist in coordination of expectations and creation of a realistic and relevant profile of the spousal relationship
  • Advise how to generate suitable dating

Diagnosis, consultation and guidance to companies on placement of human resources and employment of employees

  • Dedicated engagement with the Institute and the College in which Elon, among other things, will indicate to the employer the difficulties and failures with the partner or the employee, and recommend how to overcome them
  • Recommendation on the employment or non-employment of new employees, and examination of the extent of their suitability for a specific position by analyzing their handwriting
  • Indication of the characteristics and traits required for the position, and the extent of the employee’s ability to adapt to the position, the job or the manager
  • Assistance to managers in company-reorganization plans and recommendations on correct placement of position holders
  • Locating problematic employees and professional guidance how to hand it

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