Mactub Café

“Mactub” – the place where your text meets the taste of life!!


A new quality and prestigious boutique café!!

Of the house of Elon Ben Yosef, located next to the Graphology Institute and College


What is indicated by the letter “L” in your handwriting?

What is told from the letter “N” about your relationship with mom?

What is the connection between the letter “ע” and your sexuality?

How is the letter “P” connected to your emotional side?

Your can receive all the answers to the most intimate questions about you at Mactub Café, with a cup of aromatic coffee, fragrant and mellow pastries and variety of excellent quiches made of quality ingredients, as well as quick lectures and consultations for those sitting in “Mactub” Café, where a unique experience, on the house, offers you useful tools for personal graphological diagnosis.